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We strive to connect all runners collectively. Mud, obstacle, adventure, trail, road we don't discriminate! We additionally market, promote, map, feature, review, & share everything OCR!  Our sister company Evolve Training House is proud to offer a one of a kind - patent pending 'pop up' transportable OCR wall for those who want to train on a wall, but don't want it to be permanent. Lastly, OCR United is very proud to sponsor several PRO athletes. #OCRUnitedPRO


Mud Run United and OCR United were both founded in 2012 near Clearwater, Florida by Todd and Heather Anderson. For the first few years Mud Run United took the lead roll, however, with the recent explosion of Obstacle Course Racing as a household term Mud Run United became the go to for promotions and marketing and OCR United the flagship.  We will continue to search for new and exciting ways to grow, partner, sponsor, build and embrace the OCR community.



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Todd and Heather Anderson - Founders