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Jose “CheloMan" Alonzo:


Spring Hill FL

I started my amateur boxing career when I was 7 years old in Puerto Rico. My Uncle Jungo, R.I.P., took me to a boxing gym to scare me. He, nor I, realized that it would change my life forever. In 1994, I won the Golden Gloves in the Super Middle Weight Division in West Palm Beach, FL. I was just 17 years old and was trained under Cecil Lalas in Spring Hill, FL.On April 18, 1999 I started my professional boxing career with legendary Latin trainer, Don Kahn. Exactly four years later, I won The WBA Fedecentro Championship against Alberto Albaladejo in Tampa, FL. The Fedecentro Championship is a prestigious belt exclusively for Latin Boxers. I knocked out Albaladejo in the eighth round with a three punch combination. In that moment, I became the first Hernando County, FL resident with a professional title. I was 22 years old, and ready to take on the world. Unfortunately three weeks after winning the title, I suffered a broken right ankle, and had to stop boxing. For eight long years, my son, daughter, and little brother, Adrian, never stopped believing in me. They would always keep telling me to get better and get back into boxing.


On February 11, 2011, I decided to start my come-back career. Nine months later, with a lot of hard work and dedication, I became the FL State Super Middle Weight Champion of Florida. I beat Adam Jaco, by decision, at the age of 34. September 14, 2012 I officially retired from boxing with “Fight Night Productions”.  Boxing is very straining on the body, and I sustained a neck injury that I just couldn’t recover from.


At first I wasn’t sure what I would do career wise. I realized God had another plan for me. I am able to use my knowledge of conditioning, nutrition, and self motivation to help others become the champions that they are. I am now a Certified Personal Trainer at CheloMan Fitness LLC and Restorative Therapy.


Coaching and helping other realized their full potential is one of my passions. I myself am constantly looking for ways to improve my mental and physical state. One of methods I use for improvements are competing in obstacle course races. I have competed in the Elite waves of races such as “Tough Mudder” which qualified me to compete in the “World’s Toughest Mudder”. Last year I focused on completing “Spartan Races Trifecta” which consisted of hree races; 4 plus miles, 8 plus miles and 12 plus miles of obstacles. These races not only test your physical strength but they test you mental capability. I was able to place in the top 10% or higher and top 4% or higher in my age group at all of the races I competed in.


I recently began ultra running, completing in a 50k and two 50 plus milers in trails.  I do not do fitness I am fitness. I believe that you can accomplish anything in life with the right motivation, persistence and dedication.


I thank the Lord for blessing me with my wife Cristina and my phenomenal blended family; my children, Jose Jr and Nyasia and my bonus children Xzavier and Annalys, my parents, siblings, friends and fans.

Chelo Ashley

Ashley Jeanne Samples

Age: 33

Hometown: St. Clair, MI

Growing up in Michigan, Ashley was a multisport athlete on a number of school sports teams. Her senior year of high school she ran cross-country and had the opportunity to race at the state meet as an individual. Although she had success at running, her true passion was soccer which she played year round, both on her high school team and the Blue Water Lakers, a premier team. Ashley gave college soccer a shot and was able to walk on to the team at Saginaw Valley State University and has played co-ed recreationally ever since.


Ashley moved to the Tampa Bay area in 2007, but it wasn't until 2012 that Ashley discovered obstacle course racing. At her first race, she finished in 64th place (Female), but fell in love with the sport and started to train.


Now as an elite obstacle course racer Ashley has achieved many athletic accomplishments during her career, notably being undefeated at Mud Endeavor Brooksville (6 time repeat winner), Rugged Maniac 2014 champion for FL, 13th at Warrior Dash World Championship in 2014,  and an appearance on the Broken Skull Challenge hosted by Steve Austin. For 2 consecutive years, 2014 and 2015, Ashley ran 30+ races each year.  


In 2015 she expanded her race calendar beyond the local Florida races and competed in 9 different states. Season highlights include 1st place in the 30-34 year old division at the OCR World Championships, as well as a top 10 team finish at the same event. Her first Spartan Race trifecta was completed this year- and included all Elite top ten finishes most notably, podium spots at the Austin Super, and Carolina Sprint. Ashley had 9 top 10 finishes at Battlefrog races to include podium finishes at Tri-State and Austin.  Currently ranked 5th in the Battlefrog point series, Ashley will race at the Championship race on December 12.


Vince Fountain


Hometown: St. Pete, FL

Vince Fountain has been a competitive athlete for most of his life, however it wasn't until high school he started to court running in what would be a life long love/ hate relationship. Incorporating aspects of a team sport with the brutal lessons of being a primarily individual effort he fell in love with an activity that gives back exactly what you put into it.


After graduating high school Vince moved to Tampa and attended the University of Tampa walking onto the cross country and track team, becoming one of the top 5 runners in the program. Building upon his athleticism of high school he refined his technique and mental toughness becoming a much stronger runner. Soon after the glory days of college races were over he transitioned into the world of weekend road races, yet he still yearned for something with more of a competitive edge and events that he could exploit his strength. Vince then found Savage Race in its infancy.  The combination of strength and endurance was perfectly suited for his current training which incorporated less long distance runs and more high intensity cardio based strength training. This was his forte, after all by this point in time he was coaching up to 10 bootcamps a week and running a gym.


Building upon a solid foundation Vince worked his way up through the ranks. From participant, to age group winner, to eventually dominate South West Florida in almost any race he entered.


Having taken a hiatus from the sport to focus on his newest business venture,  Juice Monkeys Cold Pressed Juice, and his 16 month old son, he's back and stronger than ever!


Jason doesn’t fit the prototypical mold of an athlete.  Growing up in St. Petersburg, Florida, his main focus was on academics.  Finishing second in his class in high school, Jason went on to graduate from the University of Miami with honors with a degree in mechanical engineering.  After five years in the field, his passion for working with children led him to change fields, and he is now a math teacher.


Hard work and determination are at the core of Jason’s beliefs.  One should accept nothing but their best, and if their best isn’t good enough, you keep working to get better.  This applies to all aspects of life, whether it is being a single father raising a daughter to be a successful young woman,  in his profession as a teacher, where he has won a national Math Hero award and was recently named  an Outstanding Educator by the Tampa Bay Lightning, or in the world of OCR, where he is working to get better each and every race.


Before the end of 2010, Jason had never ran a race before.  He started running as a way to get in to shape, running 5k’s, struggling to keep his time under 30 minutes.  In 2012, he discovered the world of OCR and instantly fell in love.  At first, finishing was the main goal, but that wasn’t enough for Jason.  He has worked hard to get better at the sport and it is starting to pay off.  Since starting to race back in 2010, he has lost almost 50 pounds and has seen his name rise in the standings.  In his last seven OCR’s of 2014, Jason had four top ten overall finishes (one 11th place), two age group wins, and earned his Spartan trifecta.


This year, Jason has already gotten his first overall win at the P.I.G. (Perseverance, Integrity, and Grit) Race, qualified for the OCR World Championships and Warrior Dash World Championships, and is working toward the BattleFrog World Championships as well.  Look out for Jason to make some noise in 2015 as a new member of the 40 and over masters division.

Jason Williams:


Hometown: St. Pete, FL

Jason's Blog Glenn Nakamura #ocrunitedelite

It's always been about the competition.  Winning and losing are temporary and do not determine the competitive spirit.  Preparing to do the best that you can (especially when you don't want to), working towards achieving the better version of yourself than yesterday, looking at your fellow competitors and feeling an obligation to them to give them nothing but your best, and most of all helping those around you achieve the goals that they set for themselves even if it means that they may finish in front of you are the benchmarks by which the competitor measures him or herself.  I have always loved to compete.


I grew up in the hills of Kentucky and played every sport available in high school, except basketball (5'6" Asian, go figure). I have black belts in three martial arts styles. While playing soccer for Ohio University I suffered complete ACL tear and underwent surgery for the first major injury that I had ever suffered.  After graduating college with a degree in mathematics and education, I played semi-pro soccer in northern Ohio before moving to Florida where I have taught high school mathematics for the past 21 years in Polk County.


Upon moving to Florida my life became far more sedentary.  I went from loving to play sports to pretty much just watching them while continuing to intake the same amount of calories that I did while I was at the most active time in my life.  Needless to say, my health spiraled from a division 1 scholarship athlete who weighed in at a very ripped 185lbs to a couch potato that tipped the scales at a very rippled 205lbs, which at 5'6" is very overweight.  None of that was what I would consider good, but worst of all I no longer cared about competing. I didn't put forth my best efforts, and I didn't care whether I did or not.


In 2012, a friend urged me to join a group of people from church to sign up and train for a Tough Mudder.  We went all in.  Bought matching shirts, exercised as a group twice a week, and talked and planned like we were trying to invade Normandy.  We made it all the way through and told embellished stories that would be worthy of the history channel. It was the most fun, while exercising, that I  had experienced since college so I signed up for my next race  - Dirtyfoot Mud Run a few months later.  I ran in the competitive wave because somebody convinced me that I should, and all I can say is that I finished.  However, the fire to complete was returning and I wanted to see what I could do.  Over the next year, I began to work on getting stronger and gaining back some of my former endurance.  Eventually, my times were getting lower and I was on the verge of placing in the top three of my age group. I then increased my training and focused on strength to weight ratio and started reading about how to increase speed and endurance as well as nutrition.  I will never be in my prime again, but I can work to attempt to make this day its own prime.

Glenn Nakamura:


Hometown: Lakeland, FL


Sally Chappell:

Age: 55

Hometown: Ocala, FL

I was born in Chicago but basically raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have run practically my whole life. I participated in every sport my schools had to offer since 6th grade. Soccer, swimming, field hockey, basketball, volleyball, cross country and track. If it was something athletic I wanted to try it. I stuck with soccer, field hockey, cross country and track through high school and then cross country and track in college at UT Austin. During my last year in college I started exercising race horses to make extra money. I loved it, and went on to become a professional jockey. I raced for 15 years, primarily based in Oklahoma City at Remington Park racetrack. During this time, I also ran road races and triathlons almost every weekend.


I moved to Florida 10 years ago when I retired from racing horses. My first OCR was Warrior Dash in 2011. I entered just for fun but ended up winning my age group! I participated in a couple of other mud runs that year and always placed in the top three over all. Warrior Dash came around again and this time I won overall female. I was thrilled to think that at my age I could still win at something like this! I have been hooked on OCRs ever since.


For the next 2 1/2 years I really got into obstacle course racing. I am highly competitive with others, but mostly with myself. I want to see just how good I can be. I am amazed and thankful that at my age I can still keep up with the young crowd and finish in the top ranks . I haven't been competing in OCRs as much recently as my life has a new adventure of being the photographer and videographer for for my boyfriends expanding turkey and alligator hunt guide business, as well as doing more road races. However, I am excited to put more OCRs on my race calendar and be a part of OCRUnited!





Xzavier Ramos:

Age: 18

Hometown: Spring Hill, FL

Xzavier Ramos, born in Orlando Florida is 18 years old. He has had a passion for contact sports since he was a toddler. He started Taekwondo at the age of 5 until the age of 7 earning his brown double strips. His single home family relocated to Spring Hill, Florida and he was unable to continue to participate in the martial arts.


At the age of 11, Xzavier was introduced to traditional boxing. He enrolled at a local gym in New Port Richey and learned from some of the best local professional boxers in the industry. There he met Pro-Boxer and fellow OCR United Pro member Jose Cheloman Alonzo.  He did not know that a few years later Chelo would marry his mother and become his step father.


Upon the blending of their family Chelo invited Xzavier to watch him compete at Mud Endeavor. This was the first time Xzavier had attended an OCR event, he went as a spectator however, his competitive spirit would not allow him to sit back and watch, so he purchased a last minute ticket and entered the race. Having no experience and wearing a pair of basketball sneakers Xzavier did not do his best but did complete the race. Since then, he has competed in races such as Spartan Sprint, Mud Endevour Castle Canyon and Rugged Maniac.


Xzavier went on to join the Track Team at his school, placing 1st in several categories and this year he joined the Springstead High School Wrestling Team. He trained 6 days a week and even on holidays. His dedication to the sport did not go unnoticed, he made it to the State finals and placed fourth in his division. He finished the year with 21 Wins and 3 losses.


While engaging in conversations about OCR, Xzavier asked Chelo to find out if there was some way for him to join the OCR UNITED PRO TEAM. Chelo discussed the dedication and  commitment to training that this possibility would require and Xzavier was eager to take on the challenge.  On March 21st Xzavier competed in the elite wave of the Dirty Foot Mud Run, he placed 1st in his age group earning him a spot on the OCR UNITED PRO TEAM! The last Race he competed in was Monster Challenges.  He was fighting a stomach virus and against his mothers wishes he insisted to compete, he placed 2nd in his age group, he said the course was tough and he learned a lot about his body; his strengths and weaknesses. His next scheduled race is Rugged Maniac. Xzavier is once again training 6 days a week, and is ready to give it all he's got!!


Terry Garbis

Age 38

Hometown: Naperville, Illinois

I was the born 3rd oldest of 9, all boys and 1 girl-it made me very competitive in all that I do.  I started out in the sport of wrestling at 10 years old. After 3 years I was good enough to place in the Illinois state tournament and eventually nationals. I excelled enough by the time I graduated to receive a scholarship to UNC-Greensboro where I double majored in psychology and spanish. Took a few years off competing after starting four years as a division 1 wrestler to travel to about 60 different countries and eventually complete a Masters in Spanish linguistics and literature.  I Also speak French, Portuguese and Greek.


I got a job teaching Spanish but eventually quit to follow my dream of being a bartender in order to make the necessary money to start a business which I am currently commencing. Due to some life changing events at a young age I have always lived a pretty unconventional lifestyle and take advantage of my time on earth.  


I never really liked running but a friend of mine convinced me to run a 10k. I decided that there was no reason I couldn't win a race so I started training to run. I have had no formal coaching or training, I just worked really hard and put together some workouts.  I mostly schedule races that are early enough to allow me to get to work on time and  race triathlons, road races, trail runs, Mudruns, OCR and have had moderate success in them all.



1st o/a mudendeavor little manatee river OCR

1st o/a romp in the swamp OCR

1st o/a raging resolutions OCR

1st o/a play dirty OCR,

1st o/a Manmosas, Mary's and mutts 5k

2nd o/a hogwildmudrun

2nd o/a mudendeavor castle canyon

2nd o/a at the filthy fun run

2nd o/a I love mothers days 5k

2nd o/a run to row 1 miler

3rd o/a fd3 series race 1 sprint triathlon

3rd a/g (11th o/a) dunedin sprint triathlon

3rd o/a siestabeach sprint triathlon

3rd o/a masters of all terrian off road 4 race series(13.1,10,8,13.1)

4th a/g (11th o/a) river, roots and ruts 13.1 trail run

6th o/a at the savage race Florida

11th o/a Florida challenge trail run 13.1

19th o/a spartan special ops Tampa



2nd place at mudendeavor little manatee river OCR

1st place at panthermudgrudge OCR




Mike Murphy

Age: 47

Hometown: Hermiston, OR - Residing in Sanford, FL

I have been in and out of the OCR scene for 5 years now with overall wins at Warrior Dash FL, Tough Mudder, Hog Wild, Highlander, Monster Challenges, Extreme Intimidator, and Rugged Maniac. I have finished top 4 in the Orlando Track Shack Racing series twice since 2011, and in 1995 I was an NAIA Track and Field All - American in the 3000m Steeplechase.  I have qualified for the Boston Marathon twice. My 40+ age group PR'S are 4:41 Mile, 16:12 5k, 34:49 10k, 53:40 15k, 1:16:00 half marathon, and 2:39 Marathon.


Heidi Williams:

Age: 59

Hometown: Punta Gorda and Safety Harbor, FL

Sports have always been a part of my life from a very young age , being the youngest of 6 kids your prone to be involved in some type of sport .Swimming, gymnastics, running, basketball , and skiing were some of my favorites.


I moved to Florida when I was 19 from Milford Conn where I was born and raised :) Once arriving in Florida and knowing no one, I started playing tennis at a local club to meet people, I not only loved the game I excelled in it . One of my proudest accomplishments was winning the Florida State  Senior Olympics mixed doubles title in 2012. It was a crazy weekend of tough competition , during that match I injured my elbow pretty bad and was out of the game for a while, so I started looking for other means of excitement :) That's when I spotted the Savage Race!!! How exciting I thought, so I signed my son and myself up and I haven't looked back since...that was 3 years ago. I was hooked, I loved the rush of competing again, so I increased my training and started running longer distances, entered Go Ruck events ,T3 events , marathons , 1/2 marathons, ultras - anything I could get myself into - I did :) I then started to enter many more races in the Elite Heat, at my age thats pretty tough :) but I loved it.


The lesson of controlling a situation instead of allowing it to control you is a main theme in my life, my Mantra . Since beginning this journey I have been through the most difficult times of my life, having to watch my father battle a long fight with cancer , he never gave up until the very end. My father was and still is my Hero!  He taught me to never give up, he never did and neither do I.  He is with me every step of the way during my races and training.  He is my Inspiration and what keeps me aspiring to be the best I can be.


Since his passing this past June 2014 I have competed in the Spartan Race World Championships, mastered The Ultra Beast in Vermont , competed in the OCR World Championships, ran The Boston Marathon and just recently placed 1st in the Rugged Maniac Masters division and 2nd in The Battle Frog Masters division in Atlanta all with great thanks to Prime 8 fitness . I am proud to be able to compete with the caliber of individuals that embrace this sport and look forward to many more years of competing .


Joe Rivera

Age: 52

Hometown: Lawrence, MA - Residing in Jacksonville, FL

Joe Rivera, a native of Massachusetts, got his first taste of running when he was a sophomore in high school on the Cross Country team. His junior and senior year he ran Cross Country and Indoor Track.  At 22 years old Joe joined the United States Marine Corps where he spent a total of 22 years in both active duty and reserve duty and retired as a Sergeant Major of Marines in 2010.


Joe moved to Jacksonville Florida area in 1997 and ran his first competitive 5k in early 1998. ...This is when the running bug officially kicked in.


Joe got into the OCR craze early in 2010 but actually had already done mud runs in 1995 through 1997 in California. Obstacle course racing and road racing became a way of life for Joe and he has averaged over 40 races a year since 2010. Joe has had numerous wins at FL ROC, Highlander, Dirty Foot and many other Florida obstacle course races. Joe has done well in the Battle Frog race series in the Masters division and usually finishes top in Masters or in his age group at the local road races.  In 2013 Joe started a mobile fitness company called gett-ittcorefitness which focuses on cardio/core circuit training ideal for the obstacle course racer.


Joe is currently married and is a father of three older children and one 4 year old. Joe is also a grandfather to two grandkids who he loves very much!


Dustin Radney:

Age: 38

Hometown: Winter Haven, FL

I grew up with a loving and competitive father who enjoyed going outside and playing ball, shooting hoops, or just racing around the neighborhood.  I quickly fell in love with sports and competition myself and focused primarily on baseball my entire life until after college.  I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Central Florida.  I have been traveling the world for over 10 years designing some of the world’s leading high-end perimeter security systems for military bases, airport, palaces, etc.  After years without being able to play local competitive sports due to travel I needed a sport that could travel with me so I took to running.  


Once I started running I never looked back.  I went from doing a slow quarter mile walk / run to a quarter mile run which eventually evolved into half a mile and so on.  It took a long time to build up the endurance to run as I was never an avid runner growing up.  I have extremely flat feet and really had to work on proper running technique to keep my joints from rattling apart.  Now I run almost every day.  I missed 2 days of running in 2014 and am currently on track to do almost 2000 miles in 2015.  I love running because I can do it anywhere, no matter what country I go to I can go outside and just let loose for a while and forget about email and conference calls.  


I did my first OCR in 2011 when I ran the Warrior Dash and won my age group and came in 4th overall.  I ran that every year until 2015 when I ran my first BattleFrog race and quickly got addicted to the sport.  It’s a wonderful way to challenge myself in a dynamic atmosphere that involves total body strength and endurance.  I still try and go out and have fun each race but it’s a great outlet for my competitive spirit and I’ve met so many amazing people.  I don’t know if this sport brings out the best in people or just brings out the best people but the comradery of having complete strangers genuinely cheer you on and you being sincerely happy to see others succeed is ultimately what keeps me coming back for more.

Group_Monster2015 Dag

Dagner Espinosa

Age: 38

Hometown: Havana, Cuba - Residing in Tampa, FL

I was born in Havana Cuba on November 11, 1980. I came to the United States in 1998. I never had much interest in any sport and I wasn't good at any. I tried karate, kickboxing, baseball ect. In 2013 I decided to try Savage Race for the first time, it took me 2.5 hours to complete the race and I failed many obstacles. I placed 196th among men, but I really liked this race and decided start training for these kind of races.  In the next year, I ran several runs at Mud Endeavor, Tribal Extreme , Savage Race again, Battlefrog and my times began to improve. It was at the 2015 Battlefrog championship that I saw Ryan Atkins win first place and that was when I told myself that one day I would get on the podium of winners. In 2016 I  decided to run in the Elite wave and my first race was in Lakeland at Battlefrog I placed 26th  overall and 3rd in my age group.  Next I ran Muddy Brute and placed sixth overall and reached the podium with 1st place in my age group!  Battlefrog Dallas was next, where I placed 17th overall and 2nd my age group. From here forward, I plan to train every day to keep improving at this sport and now that I am part of the OCRUnitedPRO team it give me even more motivation to keep improving because now I'm not representing only me, but a team.

Max Garbis

Age: 26

Hometown: Naperville, IL

Born the youngest of nine he is constantly living in the shadows of his older siblings accomplishments.  He has had no choice but to try and live up to the greatness that is his family namesake.  Former rugby player turned OCR athlete after his older brother convinced him to run a race.  Graduated with a degree in speech pathology from Northern Illinois University and now bartending at a job his brother got him because he pretty much can't do anything himself, including write a sports bio.  He claims he can beat his brother Terry racing but has yet to do so in competition.  Even if he does manage that he still can't take him in a fight and he has a stupid looking beard.



Mud Titan 4- 7th place o/a

Tribal extreme -4th place o/a

Terrain race- 1st place o/a

Mud Titan 5- 2nd place o/a

Savage race- 4th place o/a


Josh Andrews

Age: 40

Hometown: Lyman, Maine - Residing in Winder Haven, FL

I was born in Maine and grew up in a small town called Lyman.  Athletics has always been a part of my life.  I started out playing baseball, then I added football and along came weight lifting.  When I got to middle school I added wrestling as well.  High school was where it all came together as I cut out wrestling and focused on weight training for football and baseball.  In college (University of Maine at Farmington) is where my weight training blossomed into my bodybuilding career.  The school didn’t have a football team so I started hitting the weights hard.  Baseball was put to the side as I was enjoying weight training.


It wasn’t until my 4th year in college that I decided to focus on bodybuilding.  I had great success early with winning my first overall championship in my 2nd show and then earning my NABF pro card in my 3rd show by winning my weight class at the NABF Nationals.  After graduating I moved to Florida where I began competing in the NPC and worked my way up the ranks over the next few years to become a national level competitor.  After 12 years of competing and training for bodybuilding it was time to retire as I wanted to get into more functional training.  The 2011 IFBB North American Championships was my last show.  

I decided to go to the opposite side of the athletic spectrum and focus on endurance.  I began running and, quickly added some cross training with it, started entering local 5k races.  It wasn’t until 2014 that I came across OCR and the Warrior Dash was my first race, I was instantly addicted.  I ran 3 other OCR events in 2014 as well, all in the open waves.  Then I decided that I was going to train harder and start entering the competitive / elite waves at the races in 2015.  I qualified multiple times for the OCR World Championships in 2015.  I also made it a goal to venture into other areas of the endurance realm with rucking events, triathlons, 24 hour events and ultra running.  I am a firm believer in putting yourself in situations you are not accustomed to makes you a better athlete.


I live and train in Winter Haven, Florida and fitness is and will always be a part of my life.  I am very blessed to have my wife, Amber, that trains and does events with me and if she isn’t doing them with me she is encouraging and supporting me all the way!  I love challenging events that will test me physically along with mentally.  OCR and endurance events give me just that.  The training along with the events are harder than anything I did in bodybuilding.  I am proud to say that I have competed in and finished the BattleFrog Xtreme24, Georgia Death Race and GORUCK HTL.  I have more big events planned and will be looking forward to taking on some of the toughest events out there.



Jennifer Irizarry

Age: 35

Hometown: Cape Coral, FL

Jennifer was born in New Jersey and was raised in Cape Coral, Florida.  She began dancing at the age of five and later joined the Varsity and Competition cheerleading squad at her high school. In 2001 she moved to Tampa to attend college, and shortly thereafter she discovered her love and passion for boxing.


In 2007, after the death of her mother, Jennifer moved to Jupiter, Florida, and to her dismay, there were not (yet) any boxing gyms.  In order to adapt to her new surroundings, she began surfing and running. The mornings she spent running on the beach became a central point for peace of mind after going through such an immense loss. Through this difficult time in her life, Jennifer used a physical outlet to help her cope with life’s changes. Eventually, this cathartic experience became a life style, running became a daily regimen in her life, and she began participating in local races as well as half-marathons.


As luck would have it, in 2008, Jennifer received a contract from the world’s largest multi-million-dollar global entertainment company: World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), which brought her back to Tampa Bay. The developmental school that she attended was filled with amazing talent from all over the world, and she got to meet and work with some of the most well-known and remarkable people in the sports entertainment industry. They spent long hours training in the ring preparing for shows and filming. For two years Jennifer did nothing but eat, sleep, and wrestle. Her career was short-lived after an unfortunate and debilitating tear of her ACL, and she was released just one month after she was cleared to work.


In 2014, Jennifer joined a boot-camp coached by fellow OCR Pro Teammate, Vince Fountain. After attending many of Vince’s obstacle races, Jennifer became enthralled with the idea of competing again since she had not done so since her injury. With Vince’s encouragement, along with that of the OCR Pro Team, Jennifer ran her first OCR race and instantly fell in love with the challenge. After being introduced to obstacle racing and trail runs Jennifer began preparing for the OCR worlds.


Jennifer strongly believes in the necessity of an active lifestyle.  She encompasses a balance of fitness regimens through: running, boxing, ballet, boot-camps, and now embarking as a team member of the OCR United Pro Team! As the proud owner of a Project Management business and Concierge company, and as a licensed real estate agent, Jennifer Irizarry credits her success to a life of fitness!

JQI bfxbeard

Shawn "Beard" Crosswhite

Age: 40

Hometown: Niceville, reside in Hudson, FL

I started playing soccer from the age of 5. When I started middle school I decided to try out for the track team and ended up making it. I ran the mile for our meets and loved it. I even practiced with the cross country team to get ready for soccer season.  It was the start of high school for whatever reason I stopped running, soccer and all sports.


It wasn’t until 3 years ago my wife got invited to do a mud run with some people at her bootcamp that she asked me to join her. I was immediately hooked on OCR. We ran as many as possible for the next year until I decided I wanted to try running competitively. My first season of racing I watched and learned as much as I could from fellow racers and friends. Towards the end of the season I started to make podiums and almost walked away overall winner at a few races including Mud Endeavor which was my first fun run. I qualified for the 2016 OCRWC. I enjoy all distances of OCR but my all time favorite was the BFX at Battlefrog. There is something about pushing my body past what my mind tries to limit it to that I crave.


I am a father of two littles now who I want to be a good example for and show them to go after your dreams and give it 100% all the time.



Troy King

Age: 38

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

My life has always been very active, but i didnt get into competitive running until I was much older. I played baseball and football through highschool, but my passion was always surfing. My Dad taught me how to surf when I was 4 and it has driven much of my life and fueled my hunger for travel. After highschool, I spent my summers roaming around Central America and searching for swell. It was not until about the age of 25 when I fell in love with the feeling of running and it changed my life from then on.



I work 40-60 hours a week in the water department for the City of Jacksonville. I work hard, and I train even harder. My free time is precious to me, so I do not take a second for granted.



I run for a road racing team in Jax called 1stplacesports and do alot of road racing as well as OCR. One of my biggest accomplishments has been to qualify for Boston with a 3:08 marathon, and my new goal is to run a sub 3 hr marathon early 2017. Notable finishes in the last 12 months would have to be : 1st overall at the starlight 1/2 marathon in palm coast, 1st overall at the Guana 50k relay trail race (2x25k) , top 200 in the Gate River Run 2016 with over 20,000 competitors (15k national championship) 2 top 10 finishes at Battlefrog series (RIP), 2nd overall at FL-ROC.



Lastly, I have to stress that I race with my heart on the line every race. I race with character and honesty. I truly love our sport and the people that I have met and look forward to meeting. This is such a unique community and Family.

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Tyler Jon Markley

Age: 29

Hometown: Clearwater, Florida

A native of the Sunshine State, Tyler was born April 19th, 1989, just miles from the Gulf Coast beaches in Clearwater Florida. Following in his older brothers footsteps, Tyler was very active in team sports like baseball and football. During this time he acquired several athletic achievement awards.


Due to personal hardships, Tyler lost all interest in sports and academics, dropping out of school at the age of 16. For most of his young adult life he struggled with depression and addiction. It was in his mid 20's, about the time he became a father, when that all changed. Tired of wasting his life away and wanting to be a positive role model to his children, on Febraury 4th, 2015, he walked in to a gym for the first time since high school weight room. That was the day his new life began. At 25% body fat, a cigarette smoker and "every day" drinker, this would not be an easy task. With his kids and his health in mind though, it was not long before Tyler had a whole hearted passion for fitness. To ensure he did not become bored or complacent, he signed up for his first OCR, Savage Race (Pro), for something to train toward. Finishing 26th in a wave just shy of 400, Tyler knew he found his calling


Now wrapping up just his second season in obstacle course racing, Tyler has several age group awards, a handful of Top 5 OA finishes and in February, qualified for the OCRWC Pro wave. Aside from that, Tyler has also found an equal love for nutrition and has since transitioned to a 100% plant based athlete!


Through much adversity, Tyler has overcome many obstacles both on the course and in life. Seeing his sons Cole & Connor wanting to be "just like dad" is a victory no podium finish could duplicate, though he hopes to see a Top 3 OA finish in the near future, now representing OCR UNITED!